Gina Lorenz public nudity

You began in the industry as a model. What got you into stripping in public?
After a couple of months of doing modeling I found the studio photo shoots too boring. I always enjoyed the attention that i got from men on the outdoor photo shoots, and I thought I would do more of that. I'm just such a show off!

How turned on do you get being naked in public?
I find being naked in public very exciting. But I would only get turned on if I spotted someone who I really liked in the crowd watching me and wanting me a lot.

What do you like best, the thrill of it or people's reactions?
Well, people's reactions are just hilarious! My favourite ones are the men, who trip over, or walk into a post, because they look back at me instead of looking forward where they are going. Some couples are very funny too. I usually notice this later, when I look at the photographs afterwards - an angry woman, pulling her man by his hand, while he is looking at me, trying to walk as slow as possible with a big grin on his face. And the thrill of being naked in public is great too. It feels so good!

We hear you're also into a spot of bondage. How does the thrill of that compare to the public nudity?
With bondage it's completely different. I like acting for bondage shoots and I like the look of outdoor bondage pictures and videos. I enjoy fighting and trying to get away when playing in a bondage scene.

What are the biggest dangers when tied up and naked in a public place?
Oh no! I don't mix bondage with public nudity. I would never have enough time to run away! I keep the bondage shoots for reasonably safe outdoor locations. When I really go for it in a public place, like the middle of a town centre, I need my hands and legs free! Other than the obvious - cameras on every building in this country! - there are two main dangers when naked in a public place:
1. The bored to death, stupid, insecure, miserable people who like telling everyone else what to do. These people think it's so bad to be naked that they pull out their mobiles and dial 999 as soon as they recover from the initial shock.
2. The odd shocked police officer on foot patrol, who unexpectedly comes out form around a corner and walks into a naked girl. Usually the first thing that comes into his mind in such a case is to arrest us all.

Surely it's a bit too nippy and wet in Britain to do this sort of thing?
That may be, but when I take my clothes off in a public place, I don't feel the cold if it is snowing around me. Some girls I shoot with complain about the bad weather, but I get my best pictures in the winter, so they just have to be strong and take the cold. The pictures are worth it.

What planning and arrangements do you need to make before doing one of your public nudity shoots?
That depends on so many things. I check the weather forecast. I make sure that I have the right clothes, the right equipment, the right locations. I always explain to the models what to do, take them through all the details of the photo shoot and tell them how to behave in different situations. If they only listened, we wouldn't keep getting into so much trouble!

Obviously, what you do is against the law. What sort of bother have you had from the boys in blue?
We have been arrested many times, and sued a few times too. They raided my house once; that wasn't nice. It's very bad to keep loosing my camera equipment as well. That gets expensive! But the worst thing is when the judge orders to get all my pictures and video footage destroyed. It amazes me that people haven't learned yet, from all the books they have burned and all the artwork they have destroyed in the past, and now they try to keep what's left of it in the museums. How crazy do they have to be, to keep making the same mistakes over and over again?

What's the most bizarre situation you've found yourself in while filming or posing nude in public?
Years ago, I was doing a film in my friend's builders yard. The scene went like this: I was captured by a group of workers who carried me away, ripping all my clothes off, while I was kicking away and screaming for help. Someone driving by in a car saw us, of course believed it was for real, and called the police. The police came in three vans and a helicopter, looking for a woman being raped and murdered! They went business by business, asking for any information. As soon as the police entered the estate, though, all the men involved in the shoot disappeared back to their jobs, saying they never heard anything, and never saw anything. I'll never forget that day!

Are the reactions you get from men different to those from women?
It is a bit different in some instances. We get more women complaining about our photo shoots than we get complaints from men. Occasionally, some men get too excited, and start touching the model, or slap her arse. Women don't do that. And men follow us more than women do.

What's the angriest reaction you've ever had to a photo shoot?
That would be a priest who got a phone call from a member of his church about a woman dressed in stockings and lingerie, posing for sexy photographs in a graveyard in front of his church. The priest came rushing down, screaming his head off. His face was red, he was shaking. I've never seen anyone as angry as that before.

Is flashing in public a part of the public nudity fetish, or are there different motives behind it?
Public nudity is mainly about fun, freedom, and showing off. The flashing pictures that I take are not about real flashing, I do them with models who are too afraid to be seen naked in public.

Do you like shagging in public as well?
It can make it more exciting for me to have sex in public, but only if I'm seen by people who like watching me, and who get turned on by watching me. I wouldn't like to have sex in front of people who would get angry about it, or wouldn't like it.

Some of the photos on your site are near roads. Ever caused a pile-up?
Never. I try to be careful about this. I only shoot near roads occasionally, when I have to. Most of the time drivers slow right down to have a good look anyway, so it makes it quite safe. And it's funny how we usually keep seeing the same cars driving back and forth!

What makes a good location for a public nudity shoot?
I usually go for pedestrian zones in town centres. It's great to find a place with no CCTV cameras, but there is very little chance of that happening.

Are you a naturist as well, or is this purely about people's reactions to public nudity?
I generally like being naked. In the summer, I take my dog for naked walks up and down the hills in the countryside, and I never wear a swimming costume or bikini when I'm sunbathing, either.

There are some great shots on your web site Where's the best place you've shot naked?
One of the best places I have ever shot at was York city centre. Shame that some of my best footage from York was destroyed by the police!

If you could do a public nudity shoot anywhere in the world, what would be your dream location?
It would have to be somewhere where women have very few rights and have to be covered from top to bottom. Like Egypt or some other Arab country.

Where would you like to take this fetish?
I think I've taken it where I wanted to already.

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